Monday, August 12, 2013

When texts and Facebook aren’t enough

I needed some face time with my children.

It happens sometimes - phone calls, texts, Facebook updates and Instagram photos aren't enough.

Elizabeth and David, all growed up
Even though they're grown, I need to see them, to have some hug time. I need to see them as they talk about their jobs and Elizabeth's efforts with husband John to buy a house and the fact that David is moving into a new apartment in Brooklyn

I like the empty nest, like the fact that my and wife Jane's blended family is doing well out there in the real world. But every now and then the emptiness echoes.

My day-to-day rattling around in my home office/music conservatory/secondary guest bedroom  is my way of life - my working retired life - these days.

I like the commute into work in the morning - down the hall and to the right. I like to be able to pull Martha or one of my other guitars onto my lap to play music while I contemplate work or, more likely, contemplate my navel. I like the dress code at work, very relaxed, to the point of underwear and a tee shirt some summer mornings (I know, TMI). I like that my boss - me - doesn't mind if I take an afternoon nap.

But every now and again I need to see my kids.

They were here for my  birthday and Father's Day in June, but that was two long months ago. So I arranged a weekend with Elizabeth and John at their Connecticut home and was joined by David who took the train from New York City.

We drank a little beer. And we ate a lot of food. We visited John’s parents. And we did a lot of talking. I got my face time. And I got my hugs.

Trust me, at 60 at 70 at 80 at 90 ... you will never, ever tire of hugs from your children. And sometimes you'll need to make the effort to go and get them.

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